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Friday, September 12, 2008

vaccuum cleaner

last week my parents came home from shopping and they were carrying a large box. In it was this...

i later found out that it was in fact a gift for ruth. cos her maid's gone and ruth is doing all the housework.. GOSH!! she's so capable.. pretty amazing really.. and plus they live in a bungalow.. so that's big.. I was pretty shocked that my parents, esp mum was in such a good mood.. and they mentioned some stuff like "future in law" and what not.. hahahAH!

so yeah. the princess was so shocked when she saw it. and what reli amused me was her initial reaction which went something like this.. "gosh karl!! it's so cute!" i totally wasn't prepared for that and it really got me into fits, you see, my parents purposely chose a small but powerful unit so that it won't be too heavy for her.. and instanly ruth and rachel fell in love with it.. i mean.. it's a phreaking vaccuumm cleaner.. now it's like the new house pet.. :p

(apparently rachel has been really gung-ho about cleaning her usually messy room since... hehe.. :p... don't kill me yet rach... :S)


ruth said...
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raychelwho said...

i even vacuumed my CPU. it looks brand new now. =D

ruth said...

moogy!!! ur parents are so sweet!!! :) :) :) this s like the biggest most practical gift is really helpful..makes cleaning fun!!! plus the vacuum cleaner s so CUTE!!!!! i love the's small n easy to handle :) :) :)

Kenny said...

dhey, where can use powerful vacuum to clean pc la.. i dont even dare to do it... -.-

mae said...

my gosh!
so funny...haha

yea, karl, your parents are really thoughtful :)

and ruth and rach, i realised how amazing the vacuum cleaner can be ;) lol!