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"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Sunday, September 21, 2008

roberta and tsun ye

An old school friend of mine had her wedding reception yesterday. And i was invited. Here's the couple.. and the lamp post (myself)

CONGRATS ROBERTA! :) so happy for you

It's so sad that it takes one of us to get married before the whole bunch of us actually get back together. Or maybe it's just me... "karl, you're the one who's been so hard to get!!"

Apparently everyone save myself has over these four years bothered to keep in touch. And i got myself many earfuls for "not being a good friend". But all in all it was done in good light. :) i missed all of you so much. gosh, those days... i miss school.. carefree.

Oh BTW, mabel!! there were extra seats lah.. you should've just come. and it was pretty informal. so you would'nt have like looked out of place or anything.

I learnt a lesson. It's time i started making an effort to keep in touch with these ppl i use to spend my everydays with.. laughing.. joking.. pranking.. studying. being lame.. . getting angry and irritated with.. and everything else that peeps do in school.. so guys.. i hereby promise that i'll NEVER forget you all.. and all the huge number of them who were not there last nite.

IN fact, come to think of it... there weren't very MANY of us there last nite..

anyhoos... PICTURES..

hui sing and soon seng... i actually thought they were together.. n then got laughed at
Qi guangChien yi... after so many years.. you've still got that same sweet smile.. :)

Kah Yin

They were gonna pop the champagne.. note roberta's lookStephen and mabel and ying guo..

THese next few photos. they called them the FACES of karl.. the peeps were talking random shots of me without my knowledge.. like i'm some specimen test subject.. sigh.. i was bored at times.. and they seemed to find it amusing.. and then i found all this in my camera


YG said...

Wooooh! Behold my awesome photo capturing skillz of a being of high geniuosity! Woooooooohh :P

adriansern said...

karl, based on yr last 3 photos, you got a headache from drinking water.. and not whisky? :P and you that easy? :Pkarl, based on yr last 3 photos, you got a headache from drinking water.. and not whisky? :P and you that easy? :P

moozz said...

dude... i had half a glass. wait... more like three quarters of a glass chivas regal. mixed it with coke... not a bad concoction.. haha. that was enough for one night.. had to play the next day, and i'm one with very low tolerance.. hahaha

adriansern said...

light weight :P