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Thursday, September 4, 2008

mobil one

It's so amazing how when it seems like life's being tough, and keeping your joy is such a challenging chore, GOD has His creative, super original, unexpected ways of surprising you with little bits of sunshine and stuff to brighten you up and remind you that He's taking care of you. What a priviledge..

On monday night i was with the family at Subang parade, and there was this Mobil one-Mercedes bEnz promo thing going on. tpeeps had organised aFormula one simulator trial for anyone who bought their engine oil and stuff. It was odd cos my dad, who's never ever into this stuff had this sudden rush of gung-honess and decided to sign me up for the competition. cutting a long story short, the fastest time for three laps of the HOCKENHEIMRING set on sunday had been 4 mins 16 secs point something(set by an australian F3 driver apparently) and up to monday night it was 4 mins 15 seconds point something.. and by some crazy miracle i set a 4:13 for the test run and a 4:11 for the final run.

The guys were so convinced that the 4:11 time would be unbeaten for the rest for the KL leg of their promo that they awarded me the hamper on the spot. got an an ovasion from the crowd of people there and in my head i was thinking like.. "Gosh it's just a phreaking game!" haha they wanted to take a photo.. so yeah..

there was.. let me see.
  • a watch and compass
  • two jackets
  • a t-shirt
  • a mug
  • a water bottle.. the metallic one.. whatever you call it
  • a key chain
  • a towel
  • a mercedes Sl500 model
  • and of course the bag..
God is Good and i thank Him for little blessings like these...

oh OH!!. and i was told.. that if my time remains the top two in malaysia for the rest of their promotion, i will be given an opportunity to drive a porsche carrera GT in sepang international circuit next year during the Formula 1 race weekend.. how cool is that.. (Johor bahru best time was 4:18) next is penang i think... i've got my fingers crossed... :)

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