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"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Monday, September 22, 2008

i have "the look"

My classmates says that i have a look on my is an expression that i give,very commonly..they call it "the look"..
and every time i give "the look", they would point at me and squeal "Oooo...look look look!!!ruth is giving 'the look' again!!!" and start giggling..
and i will go "what look??" i have got no idea how "the look" on my face looks like..everyone knows what "the look" is, except for me :(
Apparently i give "the look" when my lecturers ask me a question that i can't answer..or i have got no idea what is going on around me..or i don't understand what my friends are trying to tell me..or when my friend gives a crazy statement that completely blows me off..or when i saw something shocking..
Since it is a facial expression that i give unconsciously, it's hard 4 them to explain to me how i look..imitating "the look" and taking pic don't always "the look" only appears for a few sec..the best solution that they can come up with draw me..

bondi: "i drew u..see???"
monic: "lol, this look exactly like's 'the look' that u always give!!!" *laughs*
bondi:"i totally capture the moment.." *giggling*
ruth: "bt i don't understand, how can this be me????"

monic: "point proven"
i was laughing so hard when i saw that photo bondi took..i can't believe this is how i
so this is "the look" my friends have been trying to tell me..

ruth: "y isit so blurr??" (referring to the pic)
monic: "what??the picture or the person??"
ruth : =.='

SO, what is "the look"??? it's ruth's blur look..

bondi - the artist..amazing isn't she??

from left: me..monic..bondi..
my crazy friends..whom i heart..unfortunately :p

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