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"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Monday, October 27, 2008

youth lg outing

on saturday afternoon for the life group outings, we decided to go bowling with brian siew's group at cineleisure. So we met up in church, had worship and got ready to leave.. some random pics from jamie's camera

when we got there, brian's group was still missing in action (we later found out they were taking photos with the "weird creatures" downstairs).. so ian yun.. managed to figure out, how to get the balls out of the foosball machine.. i tell you he's a genius!! and we had a few rounds.. some were embarrased (own goals) and some emerged triumphant.. heh.. sadly i don't have any photos of the cineleisure leg of our outing (jamie left the camera in the car *slaps her*
and have'nt got brian's photos yet)

All of it (the bowling) was fun, except for the fact that i was fighting with jamie for the bottom score on the leaderboard. *tsk tsk* oh gosh.. they were like, "karl, you know you can try holding the ball between your legs and just let it go from there, it MIGHt just go straight that way". had fun till like around 6 and then we left for dinner at SS2murni. my first time there. on the way, jamie caught a photo of me SMSing while driving.. apparently i had a very EMO look. i wonder why.. heh.. . hence this...

the place we had dinner at..

wei chin grinning..

they asked yih khai to pose.. and he came up with this.. looked as though he'd got a bowl of cream he was about to fling at the camera.. sheeshh..

yong zhi wen and ian..

dunno what they were trying to prove.. esp darren, " oh w

here's a shot of darren holding the RECEIPT he collected for loosing his parking ticket (that for stealing my place dude!!!hahaha) i tell you, i have no idea how he lost it.. we were paying the ticket together and next moment when we got into my car he called, eh... karl.. just now you
took my parking ticket ah?? i had to refrain.... :P life group leader!! hehehehe...

and this was the inscription on it..

julia and alvin

chew, myself, jamie and ben ong (ee laine, you're SO right about chew man.. the dude can't smile for nuts... :P)

ben ong and julia

another one of yih khai's random poses

after dinner walked to the CD shop nearby to find a movie to watch..

and following that left for julia's place.. at which point darren decided he was in the mood for some hyundai sonata.. scary ride it was, having someone else drive your MUm's car.. (my myvi was stuck at home due to a power cut.. couldn't open the gate). here's a photo of them posing outside the house with Alvin's car coming right up the road about to mow them down.. but did they care?? ..... ...

watched football (darren's completely undigestable excuse was that we should "wait for wei chin before we started the movie" yeah right.. more like he wanted to watch man u draw at everton!!! woohoo!!!) i left after that cos i had lotsa stuff to do at home..

it was an awesome day.. and i had fun with u guys.. love my life group!!!

oh and to all you peeps celebrating the festival of lights today.. HAPPY DEEPAVALI AND HAVE A GREAT TIME WITH YOUR FAMILIES!!

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