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"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."


"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

civil war

on sunday morning before first service the whole bunch of us, we were sitting in the music room talking crap. And so i decided to try to work on the opening number for the dinner. And it was only then that i realised that the intro, with the falling fifths sounded like some American civil war phreaking FUNERAL!!

why didn't i notice it earlier.. crap, and now that it's already been scored up and the brass musicians have practiced it we're so gonna need to do a salvage operation! i think i'm gonna have to tell then to play con ANIMATO!.. or else it could be con GRAVE... *shivers*

it's a celebration guys... let's make it sound like a horn cry... not some funeral... *scratches his head*

but then at least the rest of the opening is okay.. just need to figure out what to do with the first few progressions.

this is an image of the modeling we've been working on lately..

DESIGN ASSIGNMENT 2... supposed to design, well, anything.. so we decided to design an industrial continuous lift. lots of calculations... 39 PAGES to be exact... just calculations alone mind you, minus all the hours spent on modeling and simulation and brainstorming.. this is the frame and shafts with the sprockets and their welds in place. dun have the chains and the platforms yet.. gotta figure out how to insert those..


Karthi said...

dont forget the bearings hehe~

btw, is this the assignment question or did you design the whole lift?

moozzz said...

hello karthi! yeah.. bearings.. headache.. we designed the whole lift.. it's pretty cool. once you've done the simulation and all.

it sorta resets itself.. so it's continuous, as in the platforms keep running...

the design report came up to an insane 106 pages!!

eh eh.. when you coming back lah? my exam ends nov 3rd.. we have to meet up after that lah..

Karthi said...

Esok (17th) my last paper,returning to PJ once it is done..

Karthi said...

forgot to ask, wht software did you use to design and simulate the lift?

coz this sem i took the subject of CAD/CAM. Under CAD we used CATIA to design stuff, but its more to freestyle designing la, with lotsa surfacing, and designing the gears like yours is quite complicated using CATIA, you've gotta formulate a lot to design a single tooth before mirroring it about a point to get the finished gear.

Since we were focusing on getting used to the software alone, we managed to escape tht 106 pgs of report though!