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"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Thursday, October 2, 2008

hari raya

before i talk about anything else, it is unavoidable that i have to thank God for a wonderful time like Hari Raya, (some like to call it Harry reyer). SImply because of the AWESOME traffic in klang valley during this festive period. GOSH bliss!! imagine this, cruising at 110 for a straight 10 km along the federal highway, yes guys, the phreaking FEDERAL highway! how lovely is that.. LOVE HARI RAYA!!

So, yesterday the life groups of kota kemuning decided to get together for a barbecue evening at my house.. brian chong came along and my parents invited ruth too..

Jasmine's dad, James and my dad and myself, three of us got the fire started. and by 7 pm
this was one of the two pits that we had, and one of the ladies brought a funny hot plate thingie for frying stuff. quite cool. and here they were cooking the shrimps

it was still early, so there weren't relly that many peeps yet.. here's a shot taken from behind the pond. :)

brian and i.. and the lamb.. oh gosh.. it was awesome lamb!!

the piece that i was about to devour.. with a little bit of improvisation by ruth..
to give it some.. what should we say, character!!

there's this kid.. his name's eu wayne, and he just loves to bully me.. seriously.. so he wanted to take a photo and asked me to make a face, so i pulled all the stops for this.. after that, he just said "eh karl, looks like you lah.. are you sure you even made a face??" (ARRGGH!! the urge to strangle. but he's cute.)

here's his sister.. lovely violinist.. eu nise.. you're too shy though.. heh..

they took out the dining table.. and the kids were having makan there.. here they are.. mouths full of barbecue..

another two who couldn't get off me.. literally.. gosh.. i am seriously quite impatient with kids.. but i fail miserably when i try to get angry.. and they think it's all a joke..
Here's a photo i took with ruth

And denise.. :)

these two again.. couldn't keep them off the piano.. ("eh eh.. i can play THIS!!" "hah!! i'm better than you!") pheww.. asian kids.. kiasu... =P they are cousins btw..

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