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Friday, August 29, 2008

start using hydrogen!!

lately people have been complaining so much about the price of petrol. (and i include myself.. gosh!! i could have an extra meal if i skipped driving to college one day man!) and i think it's great that our government is trying to subsidise the cost for the people. But truth is that's not the answer. we're gonna run outta crude oil within the next 15 years. Or at least Malaysia will. And that means we're gonna havta start importing. It's obviously time for all the BILLIONS that we have been splashing around on random stuff like the twin towers and the F1 circuit and this and that stop getting wasted and used to develop and alternative! build new fuel stations.. get the national car company to start producing affordable options ad hybrids.. whatever!~!

and this is where i state my suggestion.. hehe

the hydrogen fuel cell car. what on earth is a fuel cell? it's basically a battery, except.. you can refill the chemical in the battery and you don't have to replace or recharge the battery simply because it operates on FUEL!! how incredibly cool is that.. (imagine if our mobile's had a fuel cell, we'd just have to carry this bottle of.. stuff.. around and refill it every few hours or smth and never have to charge!!.. ok but that's off topic)...

so yeah.. hydrogen fuel cell cars is the way because aside from the required energy.. the only other waste product is... hehe.. brace youself.. WATER!! seriously man.. no carbon dioxide!! no lead!! no sulphur.. just phreaking WATER VAPOUR!! .. only thing is. it'll cost billions to refit cars with this technology. and billions to rennovate fuel stations to accommodate hydrogen fuel on a large scale basis. And i think that's an investment our government should look into rather than these MEGA projects to make our country LOOK good.. better BE good than just Look good.

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