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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

solid edge

ok rachel hoo eng hui.. i know you're gonna be looking at this and thinking like "gosh, karl.. what sorta modelling is that?" .. this is the part where i stress that while your emphasis is design, mine is detail.. i tell you, just trying to figure and calculate the correct pitch diameter for the power screw was bad enough man. so yeah. don't get me started on the rest..

so.. ANYWAY.. here's a model of a structure which is gonna be tested for breaking 2mr.. they built the real thing and we're supposed to calculate the breaking mode and failure torque and all that crap. i'm just so proud of my model cos it took me like almost 3 hours to do it.. and gosh it's IRRITATING!! u've gotta make this protrusion, then that hexagon, then this nut and washer and the correct threading.. and make the assmebly.. weld type and what not.. argh.. but when finished.. it's pretty cool.. saved it as this image, so you guys can see my hard work. haha. go SOLID EDGE!

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raychelwho said...

mm karl, my sis asked u to check out my blog n see my model :p hahahaha.. mine took sleepless nights for a good few days :p mine nicer :P hahahahaha! BUT nvm la. nice effort ;) u had to calculate.. mine was tracing off photos.. SO... nice effort la ;p

ps: my sis is makin me send this btw!!!!!