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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


"The sensational Malaysian pianist BOBBY CHEN burst onto the musical scene in 1996 with a stunning series on concerts which included a tour of Beethoven’s Triple Concerto with Yehudi Menuhin (no less) and a recital at the Royal Festival Hall. Since then he has gone on to regular appearances in the main UK concert halls and to win many awards and scholarships. He also plays regularly in the Far East. His early studies were at the Yehudi Menuhin School, hotbed of some of the most prodigious musical talent anywhere; hence his selection by Lord Menuhin to join him in the Beethoven concerto. He has now played twice at the Wigmore Hall, a supreme accolade for a still young artist. Locally he has played for the Leighton Buzzard Music Club and with the Milton Keynes Chamber Orchestra."

“Chen is an armour-clad player of complete technique, a thinking musician, a natural Romantic…his arsenal of gran espressione phrases, thunderbolt octaves and basaltic chords is imperial, his ability to suggest colour and image through touch, timing and dynamic voicing already masterly.” International Piano Magazine

Met this amazing pianist on monday for a masterclass which lasted about an hour and a half. Sadly i didn't get a photograph wit him cos there were students before and after me. but anyways. He's stunning! i tell you.. i'm always wondering why some pianists get nervous when i'm around and now i understand why. But he's such a nice guy. SO softspoken and humble for all his incredible accomplishments.

PLayed the Pathetique by Beethoven for him. And i received some very very helpful tips from him. the most encouraging thing that he told me was that i know what I want from the music and i understand the direction of how to produce that sound and to just carry on practicing as i have been.. and if i do that it would help me to continue improving and refining my technique.. how cool is that??? hehe.. :) :)

and then there were parts i hadn't practiced properly.. and he was like "THAT"S VERY BAD".. haha.. but somehow even when he said that it was not like hurtful... so yeah.. bobby chen rawks!!! got a cert with his autograph too..

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