IsAIaH 55:9

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."


"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Monday, November 10, 2008

a taste of rest

exams are over.. unspeakable relief. It is impossible to explain that awesome sensation that you get everytime the summer break is here. And i'm so glad it's all over. And now, that much LEss stress

but still.. less doesn't mean none at all eh? it's funny how when you have ONE very important thing on your mind, you tend to push aside other, seemingly less urgent matters and when that ONE thing is settled, everything else comes crashing down on you like an avalanche. scary!

so here's what. these next few weeks.. one step at a time
  1. CERC musicians
  2. Maxis scholarship
  3. PIano replacement classes for the students
  4. fix my car
  5. hotel bethlehem (the kids musical... super lame i tell you)
  6. minus one for the WTE
  7. leather clean up for my mum and dad's car
  8. and a whole bunch of other more minute stufff....
and WE'RE HAVING YOUTH CAMP... woohoo... :)

*those three sleepless nights.. they were terrible. but i've learned a lot these three days. and i've grown up. and you looked so beautiful today.. everyday.. always an angel. thanks for everything.. i couldn't ask for more.. and i couldn't give more.. I LOVE YOU *

eh EMMY.. i shall post about your birthday soon.. heh.. waiting for the video to go on youtube

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