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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

at long last

lewis hamilton won the Formula one Driver's championship on sunday in what was probably one of the most dramatic finishes to a formula one Season since the inception of the sport. At the very last corner, as if by some divine miracle (even with felipa massa's camp initating their celebrations) the worn tyres on timo glock's toyota finally gave way and allowed hamilton passage through to take 5th place and the DRIVER's championship by a single point.

The penalties both in Fuji, and Spa-Franchorchamps were unfair. But there's ONE who's always fair.. and as Hamilton said in his own words.. i "thank GOD" but this victory, to me.. is more than lewis being the youngest and first black world champion.

it's about vindication. For a team sidelined for the last 9 years (it's been a long time since the great Mika Hakkinen), sunday was a day to remember, and in reliving the ghost of the old WEST MClaren mercedes.. Hamilton brought vindication to the team. Ron dennis and all. nursing the MP4-23.. that mighty 700 horsepower engine at full throttle past the finish line at 310 kmh. An unforgettable moment spelling redemption for a team that deserved every bit of the glory.

and now at Woking england, just a few miles away from the legendary silverstone track, let the celebrations begin..

oh, and nicole scherzinger dear... now you can REALLY be proud of your man!

bravo Mc Laren! (and a certain mr bruce smiled in the heavens)

the pinnacle of engineering perfection

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