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"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."


"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

some promo and a book

calvary church music and creative arts Kids CAT will be presenting a musical on December 6... and its called.. :) HOTEL BETHLEHEM. heh..

and i'm doing promo for them. becausee.. i'm playing.. so.. if you've got little cousins or friends or nieces or nephews, especially those who have not had an opportunity to hear the good news of our Saviour's birth, please DO invite them!

it's a story of the inn in bethlehem and how the peeps running it were so stuck up and all that they were completely oblivious to the significance of a birth in the stable. and whatever not.. quite fun.. if not for the slightly corny lines here and there heh.. whoops.. this is a promo. :p

so YEAH, come join the fun.. not you old farts.. i'm talking to the kids *grins*

and as for the music.. it's gonna be live, or at least most of it, cos we don't have a second keyboardist :( .. so.. what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna lay an extra track in the keyboard with all the funny effects and the other more random instruments (i.e. strings, mandolin, folk guitar, brass, and all that crap.. oh yeah.. and the orch hit too.. like that sound!!) and that track will play along with us.. heh.. so cool right?? just means then, that we've got to be really accurate and no stupid mistakes.. pressure!

oh.. and there's this book i'm just staring on . it's called the HOST.. science fiction, not my type, but i think it'll be worth trying, i'm sure i'll like it.. heh. :)

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