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"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."


"If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?"


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was reading roberta's blog yesterday. Or more like checking out the photos of the baby. Gosh! she looks like so much like daddy!! congratulations, roberta! anyway, the point is, i happened to notice some stuff that damien Lim had left in her cbox.. which, as a result got me reminiscing about that one fine morning of four years past. in our english class in form 4 (or form 5). it was a debate.. here's how it went

Damien:"...... to be or not to be"

Teacher:"excellent damien! i see that you're quoting hamlet"

Damien: "but puan kamlesh, i thought it was shakespeare??"

the reaction was one of epic proportions...

and here's a tribute to a person who has inspired me lately altho it may not be equally the same foe those of you reading this.. but still since i now have a blog..

I study in MONASH. And recently i've noticed that one of our ( i think business) students has a muscular disorder which makes her unable to walk properly and she has to carry this pretty complex looking pair of crutches. She is so slow that the distance i can cover in 1 minute would take her 5.. also i think she is very slightly autistic but that's just a guess which i derived from her manner of speech..

But the person who inspired me is not so much this girl but rather her mum-- probably 55 years old or something like that, neither very posh nor overly simply dressed.. drives a red wira.. short curly hair, dyed.. usually wears the "aunty" kinda blouse and a pants and a pair of sandals. i've observed that each time her daughter attends a class, there would be mum. I think she got like a special vehicle pass so that she can drive into and park in the uni grounds. A number of times i have spotted this lady just sitting around outside the classroom area, or the lounge for hours on end--- flipping a news paper, toying with her phone or just staring into space. And i wondered, what on earth would this aunty be doing here and what could drive her to just sit around waiting for her daughter to finish class and following that help escort her to the next one.

then i realised that it's what we call love. i fought back tears that day when i stood there waiting for the lift and watching this aunty, fighting boredom and idleness to do whatever she could to see her daughter do well in her studies despite her handicap.. and it really doesn't matter to her, even if she has nothing better to do, of if people stare at her weirdly.. her will is focused on one thing.. and i pray with all my heart, that God in HIS mercy and love would see them and touch their lives.
(this is not fable nor fiction, this account is for real... and i'm sure emmy knows who i'm talking about, don't you?)


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