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Monday, January 19, 2009

edibles from karl

i cooked today....( and all those people who know me very well GASP in horror! )

my first serious attempt at cooking (instant noodles and fried egg aside). i made curry chicken. Lately the holidays have given me much time to relax and do stuff that i've been wanting to do but put of continuously due to busyness.

Last night i decided to tag along with my parents to carrefour and picked out some stuff to try and cook today. heh.. so i bought the chicken fillet and some cabbage and a packet of curry mix.. hehe. (i know.. cheating)

started cooking late this morning. began with the rice for which apparently there was a user guide which would give me explicit instructions but alas i couldn't locate it! so.. i used the NATURAL.. heh. INTUITION.. just TEMBAK ONLY.. some how the rice turned out okay. the first miracle of the day.. heh..

cut garlic and onions and ginger. then i just basically followed the instructions on the back of the curry powder packet for the mix.. dumped them into the wok with some oil and here's what i got. a nice medium sized pot of curry chicken fillet with potatoes!! :)

cut the vegetable and stir fried them with onions and garlic and oil and water with some salt and oyster sauce. it wasn't too bad either!! :)

added one fried egg to top it off..

and MIND you all.. this is the FIRST time i EVER cooked anything besides instant noodles or fried egg!!. and i did it all alone.. heh.. happy me today.. *smiles*

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josiah said...

u r cool!!!!!!!!!!